I am Katie Pecho, a Chicago-based writer, blogger, and humorist trying to do the damn thing on the mean streets of internet publishing. I have a Bachelor's in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which I got because I enjoy working in entirely unrelated fields and being paid in haircut coupons and branded Bic pens. My blog, Fill This Out Later, just celebrated its first birthday by coming dangerously close to boasting more posts than followers, and was subsequently rehosted here to unburden my fans (i.e. a fierce army of ultra-supportive aunts and my grandfather when he remembers what this pesky bookmark on his web browser does) of the need to check multiple locations to stay abreast of my activities. So here it is, all my crap in one place. Read and enjoy, or quickly click away onto Facebook or YouTube or Ghost Singles or whatever. I don't know your life.